shutterstock_94875910CAN DO RESOURCES

Below I have listed some great resources that I have found helpful on my Can Do Journey, including books, videos, podcasts and blogs that I have found inspirational, challenging and helpful.


I want to start by encouraging you to check out my growing series of podcasts with Can Do people called the Can Do Dialogues.

Andy Andrews is a writer with a gift for inspirational storytelling.  His best book, in my book, is The Traveler’s Gift: The Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success.  Here is the link to Andy’s website for more information.

Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is a classic.

Jeff Goins is a young author with old wisdom.  His new book, The Art of Work has just been released. If you want a preview, listen to our conversation about his new book on a recent Can Do Dialogue podcast.

Stew Friedman’s work on Total Leadership provides an excellent perspective on the importance of alignment in developing personal leadership strengths.

Michael Gelb’s book, How To Think Like Leonardo DaVinci gives great insight into making the work of the Renaissance master be quite relevant today!

Seth Godin’s blog is filled with simple, yet profound wisdom every day!

My favorite daily quotes come from

I really like Robert Emmon’s books on gratitude.

My Can Do Life is a journey of daily discovery… I hope that these resources help make YOUR Can Do Life a journey filled with discovery, growth and gratitude!

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