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CCoridanHi!  My name is Cathi Coridan.  Welcome to the CAN DO Blog.

I firmly believe that a CAN DO approach to life makes a big, positive difference in how people see themselves and the world around them – from how they do their jobs to finding more depth in their personal relationships to paying it forward to strengthen the communities where they live.

The Can Do Blog is a primary venue for my writing.  It it that place where my personal world views intersect with my professional commitment to spread the Can Do message as far and wide as I can!  It is where I discover what else I Can Do – and invite you along for the ride. And, since we are going for this ride, l want to let you know a little bit about me, my work, my goals and my background.

My Professional Background:  After more than 40 years working in local and national youth and family advocacy programs, in 2017 I transitioned to a new, exciting career in Real Estate.  Now I use my skills to support individuals, couples and families as they make important life transitions, buying or selling a home.  I chose to affiliate with Keller Williams because their mission of CAREERS WORTH HAVING. BUSINESSES WORTH OWNING. LIVES WORTH LIVING. so fully embodies and reflects my Can Do approach to live and career.

Before this major life change, I served as Executive Director of four mid-sized nonprofit organizations where I relished my role as a leader, story teller and advocate for the mission-based organizations that are the lifeblood of my communities in Connecticut, Massachusetts and, most recently, Washington, DC.  My career has been focused on the helping fields of counseling, behavioral health, child welfare and youth advocacy.

In the 1990s, I worked on two highly visible and successful national public education campaigns (Girl Power! and Recovery Month). I have written about and provided national training on girls’ and women’s issues, and authored research reports on prevention and treatment issues in the behavioral health fields. In 2004, convened a national meeting on a topic very dear to my heart: spiritual development for at-risk youth. I have served on the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Association for Nonprofits, Youth Net (Worcester, MA) and Wilderness Leadership & Learning (DC).

On the Personal Side: I live with my husband, Ned Hogan and our spirited Westie, Gracie in a suburb of Washington, DC. We love to travel, primarily on big cruise ships, and have visited Bermuda, New England, Mexico and many destinations in the Caribbean. Our favorite was a cruise through the Panama Canal.

Ned and I are involved in Holy Trinity parish in Georgetown. Originally from Columbus, OH, I am a big Ohio State Buckeye football fan. In spite of myself, I have become a regular in the mornings in the Fitness Center at the local recreation center; and I belong to my neighborhood book club and happily help coordinate the monthly “wine on the deck” party with our neighbors. I am also a proud Rotarian, committed to put Service Above Self in my local community and around the world!

In 2012-13, I underwent a six-month course of chemotherapy to treat Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. I had lived with CLL in a “watch and wait” mode for over eight years, the two years before treatment being the toughest ones. I am in remission now! I learned many life lessons as a cancer (not so) patient, during treatment, and as I have rebuilt my life. I believe that the greatest gift God gives us is the ability to start all over and “choose life” every day. CAN DO has become the way I live my faith, my marriage, my friendships, in my work, and in my neighborhood and beyond.

Life is difficult, filled with equal parts challenges and joy.  The Can Do approach helps focus on the possibilities while staying grounded in gratitude.  I encourage everyone to always “Imagine What You Can Do!”


1 thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Cathy, Congratulations on yet another gift you are passing along. If anyone can talk about “Can Do,” it is you. I am delighted to become a follower. It has always been a pleasure to walk in your footsteps! love, mb

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