Cathi Can Do Real Estate!

shutterstock_945275After a 90+ day transition from my long time career as nonprofit executive and human services provider, my journey to become a full time Realtor®  has entered it’s final phase.  It has been both a leap of faith and a very special learning journey. The BIG launch is on July 24th, right after our long-planned vacation!

I am spending these in-between days pulling together hundreds of pages of notes and handouts and dozens of websites filled with bits of info and kernels of knowledge, from the classes and webinars I have taken as time allowed these past few months, to make sure I don’t lose any of it.  “I’ll get back to this,” I have been saying as I had to shift my attention to focus the transition from “the day job.” There are books I want to really read, and a lot of i’s to dot and t’s to cross as I update and finalize my social media presence, multiple websites, develop (first time) buyers’ and (Boomers.2.0) sellers’ workshops and much more.

So often, I have been one of those who has “built the plane while flying it,” if you know what I mean. That comes at a cost – to me and to the people I serve and the products I deliver, or don’t quite get around to finishing and deliver in parts.

This time, I am committed to take the time to be pay attention to the details and make sure they all come together to form the big picture in my goals. It’s what I can do! It’s a rare gift that I plan to make the most of – for me and for you.

While I have some “WHAT? A whole new life?!” apprehension and “I don’t have any income right now” anxiety, I’d be more concerned if I didn’t. I am taking time to be sure I have the best tools and an awesome team pulled together to provide my future clients with the my signature CAN DO service.

I am at the door to my new life…

Door Knocker








See you on the 24th for the grand opening!