The Next Chapter: It’s About Connected Relationships….

The journey of life, just like a good book, has chapters. Today marks the passage into a new chapter for me – from learning and writing to sharing and doing!

CDW - Copy (433x640)For the last 18 months, I have talked about, written about, and then talked some more about gratitude, mission, alignment and change, decisions and secret sauce as I researched and wrote my second book, The Can Do Workplace: A Strengths-Based Model for Nonprofits.

There were days and weeks when I wondered what I had gotten myself into, and days when I am sure my publisher, Motivational Press, did too!

At the center of the book are “case stories” featuring four exceptional nonprofit organizations that embody the best of the Can Do Workplace model. They are not perfect organizations, and their stories describe their struggles right alongside their victories. What they share in their work and mission are:

  • an understanding of the importance and role of gratitude in their work and workplace
  • firm commitments to meaningful, respectful and “connected relationships” with the people who work there, the people whom they serve and the communities that support them
  • an understanding of the need for change to bring growth
  • strong internal and external alignment to meet their missions
  • innovative decision-making
  • and an understanding of the need to simmer and consistently work to perfect their secret sauce

The official release date for the book is not until January 6, 2016 when it will magically appear on and

But, I hate waiting. So today I am launching the Can Do Workplace Website 

Website home page

and the first in a series of four podcasts, featuring the CEOs of the four nonprofits showcased in the book. 0304ee76646f6a944b46eae79a5b2038I hope you will take a few minutes to meet and listen to my chat with my good friend Michelle Kinder, Executive Director of Momentous Institute in Dallas, TX. Michelle’s candor, spirit and commitment to serving kids are nothing short of inspiring. She shares her insights and wisdom openly and with great energy, revealing her lessons learned and offering her recommendations for other nonprofit leaders and managers who want to make a Can Do difference in their little part of the world. You can link to the podcast directly here or from the Can Do Workplace website. 

This latest chapter in my life book has been a great adventure!  I have met wonderful new colleagues who have become friends. I have listened and talked and listened some more. I learned and learned until my brain felt full!  Now it is time for the new chapter to begin: one where I will share the concepts and practices to help nonprofit leaders build

a Can Do Workplace


CAN = what is possible

Meets DO = the action to make it real

I hope you will join me for the adventures to come in this new chapter! It will be a chapter that focuses on the potential that comes from connected relationships…

One last announcement and request before I sign off and hit the LAUNCH button!                     On December 15th, I will launch a Can Do @ Work Contest on the new Can Do facebookWorkplace Facebook page and give away four advance copies of the book to the winners. To start building interest and momentum for the contest, I ask you to please LIKE and share the new Can Do Workplace Facebook page.

Thanks – and remember to “imagine what you Can Do”!



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