Sharing a little bit of Serendipity!

I love serendipity… it makes life so much more interesting.

Last year, I rejoined Rotary International as my primary civic and volunteer activity. Rotary is a VERY Can Do organization with its motto, Service Above Self!  Of the over 100 people I have met since joining the Alexandria club, I am truly enjoying getting to know my new friend Joann. Joann is a woman with great flair and a very unique style!  A redhead with a delightful laugh, she makes a strong fashion statement with her colorful, chic wardrobe. Joann also has a special spark to her personality that makes great lunch table company at our Tuesday meetings.

I was out of town two weeks ago, working hard and long hours on a BIG project.  I kept so busy that I only glanced at Facebook for a few minutes each evening. During one of those “drive by” sessions, I saw a posting from the Humans of New York series with a picture of a woman who looked a lot like Joann. I didn’t think it more than a coincidence because Joann is a Human of DC!

JoAnn Humans of NY

But, as I came to learn last week, it IS Joann! How cool is that?  We joked about her going viral, and she said she had no idea what “going viral” meant until it happened to her.

So, here I am to celebrate this bit of whimsy and serendipity with you. Taking time to celebrate this coincidence and life’s other little bits of wonder brings a smile in an otherwise very stressful day!

I also recommend the entire Humans of New York series if you enjoy human interest photography. The pictures and stories they tell are fascinating.  And, you never know… you may find your long lost college roommate or your next door neighbor here as well!

Thanks for being on my life’s journey with me!  It’s more fun to travel together!!



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