It’s Friday the 13th – Make Today Your Lucky Day!

The Live YOUR Can Do Life Online Workshop starts TODAY!

Make It Happen Torn Paper


Just in time for spring. Let go of winter.  It’s time to makeshutterstock_106336880into today to meet your goals and live YOUR Can Do Life.


Yes, Ok, Agree Word On Black Block


not yes, BUT!

Let go of excuses: We all have too much to do!  We all want more money. We all have just one more thing to do before we can focus on ourselves!

shutterstock_61214968If we want the better, more meaningful life, we need to make and take the time to open up and discover what our lives really hold for us!  How to reach out goals and live our dreams. To discover the treasure within!


I invite you to invest two weeks to:

  1. explore your goals and dreams and ways you can achieve them
  2. find at least 28 things to be grateful for
  3. learn how to make possibility decisions
  4. learn the “small steps” approach to change
  5. simmer and savor your secret sauce!

The workshop includes:

  1. two video presentations
  2. one live tele-workshop on March 18th at 8PM Eastern
  3. the Live YOUR Can Do Life Workbook

The workshop is self-paced, confidential and designed so you can continue to build on it after the two weeks is over.

The cost is $60.  That is less than $5 a day!  Less than dinner out or a new outfit. And a great way to invest in yourself.

You are worth it!

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My name is Cathi Coridan. I “discovered” my Can Do life during a very difficult time in my life, filled with health, work and financial challenges. I discovered that if I made a commitment, everyday to a positive attitude, grounded in gratitude and based in reality, that, while my husband’s job was still gone and my cancer was still there, I was able to let go of being defensive and live my life with hope. My Can Do approach to life took the BUT out of my Yes, But approach to life.

cover.finalI say YES everyday. And it makes a HUGE difference in my life. I wrote my first book, The Can Do Chronicles to share the story of my transformation.  I created is blog and the workshop series to help other people discover what YOU CAN DO!

Click here to register and get started today!  Registration is open until March 29, but why wait?  

Hope you join me!



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