Can Do – taking a quick break!

Happy Wednesday!

Today’s Can Do blog is about the knowing when and how to take a break.

I am wondering how many people besides me even realized that most of today, Wednesday, went by and I had not posted a blog?  Probably not many, judging from the WordPress site traffic dashboard. That’s OK!  My feelings are not hurt.

Rodent Ate A Hole In A Paper.

I am traveling for work this week, living in a hotel, and very focused on three big projects! Last night when I realized I had not written the blog, my first reaction was O.M.G.! Then, I decided that rather than write a hasty blog about “I don’t know what!”, I would give myself, and you, a break and just peek in and say HI!

Have a great rest of the week, and I will see you back here next Wednesday!




It’s Friday the 13th – Make Today Your Lucky Day!

The Live YOUR Can Do Life Online Workshop starts TODAY!

Make It Happen Torn Paper


Just in time for spring. Let go of winter.  It’s time to makeshutterstock_106336880into today to meet your goals and live YOUR Can Do Life.


Yes, Ok, Agree Word On Black Block


not yes, BUT!

Let go of excuses: We all have too much to do!  We all want more money. We all have just one more thing to do before we can focus on ourselves!

shutterstock_61214968If we want the better, more meaningful life, we need to make and take the time to open up and discover what our lives really hold for us!  How to reach out goals and live our dreams. To discover the treasure within!


I invite you to invest two weeks to:

  1. explore your goals and dreams and ways you can achieve them
  2. find at least 28 things to be grateful for
  3. learn how to make possibility decisions
  4. learn the “small steps” approach to change
  5. simmer and savor your secret sauce!

The workshop includes:

  1. two video presentations
  2. one live tele-workshop on March 18th at 8PM Eastern
  3. the Live YOUR Can Do Life Workbook

The workshop is self-paced, confidential and designed so you can continue to build on it after the two weeks is over.

The cost is $60.  That is less than $5 a day!  Less than dinner out or a new outfit. And a great way to invest in yourself.

You are worth it!

Earthy background image and design element depicting the words "

My name is Cathi Coridan. I “discovered” my Can Do life during a very difficult time in my life, filled with health, work and financial challenges. I discovered that if I made a commitment, everyday to a positive attitude, grounded in gratitude and based in reality, that, while my husband’s job was still gone and my cancer was still there, I was able to let go of being defensive and live my life with hope. My Can Do approach to life took the BUT out of my Yes, But approach to life.

cover.finalI say YES everyday. And it makes a HUGE difference in my life. I wrote my first book, The Can Do Chronicles to share the story of my transformation.  I created is blog and the workshop series to help other people discover what YOU CAN DO!

Click here to register and get started today!  Registration is open until March 29, but why wait?  

Hope you join me!



The 7th – and Last – Secret of a Can Do Life!

Find and keep a sense of humor.

Why? Because life it hard enough – being a grouch or always serious just makes it harder.

Song in my HeartBack when I had just started chemo, I was talking with a friend when, I out of the blue I remembered a movie I loved as a kid, With a Song in My Heart.  It is the story of Jane Froman, a singer who toured Europe to entertain the troops during World War II, who was seriously injured in an airplane accident. Painfully and slowly, she rebuilt her life, always keeping a song in her heart. Jane Wyman played her in the movie and I can hear the song in my head as I type.

That was how With a Song in My Heart became my mantra during chemo, reminding me not to take myself or my situation SO seriously. I learned to laugh about the indignities of chemo – from rashes to the runs – and to laugh at myself in the process! That lighter and more playful attitude helped me grow and learn so much more about what is important in life during my chemo and recovery experience.

A sense of humor balances us. And, laughter bathes the brain in endorphins which shutterstock_45929179soothe and heal the stressed out places. I believe that laughter allows the gratitude in your life to take root in your heart.

One of the most important places to be able to laugh is at work, with the caveat of being respectful, and being careful not to be inappropriate. I have worked in several very high risk, high intensity programs where how a crisis was handled could mean life or death, or at least risk of serious injury. But, even in those environments, maybe especially in those environments, I have appreciated the ability of my colleagues and employees to balance the stress with some lighter moments. I have discovered that sharing a laugh with colleagues helps create bonds that create a carry-over of positive vibes that can be quite helpful during stressful meetings.

Once, long before my Can Do days, during a very intensive program proposal writing process, a colleague who was a partner in the project called and said he had something important to tell me. I took my eyes off the narrative to pick up the phone, thinking “this better add another $10K to the project’s bottom line, or I will scream!” After I said hello, he said, “if at first you don’t succeed,” then paused.  I, somewhat tersely, responded, “yes, what?” to which he answered, “don’t try sky diving!”  It was just what I needed. And more than 10 years later, I still remember it!


Finding and keeping a sense of humor – so full of wisdom that adds years to our lives and life to our years. And in today’s era of technology, being able to laugh is as easy as finding the puppy, kitty or baby videos on YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube (how is that for a finessed transition!?), I have posted two short preview videos for the new Live YOUR Can Do Life online workshop that launches on Friday!  Click here for the Intro to YOUR Can Do Life and click here for Making Possibility Decisions… One of the promises I can make about the workshop series is that it will be engaging and, yes, even fun! While registration is open until March 27th, I encourage you to sign up today to get the most from the workshop videos, tele-workshop on March 18th and the Live YOUR Can Do Life Workbook. Click here to learn more!

Thanks for joining me on the Can Do Blog during these last seven weeks to learn about the Seven Secrets of a Can Do Life!  Writing these posts has been great fun and allowed me to understand and live the secrets a little deeper myself.

The fun does not stop here!  Be sure to sign up to be on the email list for the Can Do Blog. (From the menu, it is on the right side of the Can Do Blogs page.) I have made a commitment to post a blog or podcast every Wednesday. It’s kind of my anti-hump-day statement.

monkey-headerNext Wednesday, I will be posting the Can Do Dialogue podcast that my colleague and friend Troy Thompson and I are recording about his fascinating, meaningful – and funny, I might add – No Evil Project. We won’t just be monkeying around, either!!  Come back and check it out!

In the meantime, stay well and remember that you can change the world by making the commitment every day to have a positive attitude, grounded in gratitude and based in reality.



It’s Time for the 6th Secret of a Can Do Life

Remember, life comes in cycles.  It’s quite simple and quite timely, this 6th secret: Remember, life comes in cycles. Just when we are SO READY for winter to be over and SPRING to get here.

spring-clip-art-spring-flower-clipartSpring is COMING! There are little signs around us.  It’s March. Spring training games started in Florida and Arizona this week. Daylight savings time starts this Sunday. While it is sure to snow a couple more times in many places across the US, it is a bit easier to take because Spring is COMING!

One of life’s great blessings is that our life comes in cycles. Daily. Monthly. Seasonal. Repeated, yet always changing.

How is Life Comes in Cycles a Secret of a Can Do Life? At the core of my Can Do life is a commitment I make every day (sometimes more than once a day!) to live my life with a positive attitude, grounded in gratitude and based in reality. The great thing about life coming in cycles is that no matter how yesterday went for me, I get to start each day new with this commitment.

shutterstock_77844214Life cycles give us two opportunities – one is to start over!  Not in the Scarlett O’Hara procrastinating way of “I’ll think about that tomorrow!” But in the ability to recommit with new energy to how we live our life and work toward our goals. The sunrise brings new light and new energy.

As does spring. For spring, we have rituals, like spring cleaning to brighten and light up our environment. For some of us, it is a re-commitment to exercise after the winter hibernation filled with comfort food and loose fitting sweat pants! Some people go away for Spring Break to play in the sun. In the Christian and Jewish faith traditions, we celebrate Easter and Passover, both of which are filled with symbols of new life, freedom, promise and hope.

valentine-clipartcom-free-valentine-clip-artLife coming in cycles also gives us the opportunity to remember moments, such as anniversaries and birthdays. To remember and to learn important lessons from the past for our future. Then, to recommit. For me, February 14th is much more than Valentine’s Day. It marks my anniversary of remission from Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.  It reminds me of how precious my health is and how privileged I am to have it restored!  I try to keep that in mind every day, but I celebrate my health and my new life in a special way on Valentine’s Day!  And I use that day to commit again to working on my goal of keeping myself healthy.

As spring awakens the earth after the long, cold, grey winter months, I invite you to join me in recommitting on a new level to a whole and healthy life – YOUR Can Do Life.

Imagine hoTodayw much happier, more productive and stronger our families, neighborhoods, workplaces and communities would be if everyone made a commitment starting today to live his or her life with a positive attitude, grounded in gratitude and based in reality.

I hope that this spring, you Imagine, then Discover What You Can Do!

P.S. One way you can do this is to participate in the new Live YOUR Can Do Life online workshop.  Registration starts on March 6th and the workshop launches on Friday the 13th. The multi-media program is open online for two weeks. Learn more by clicking here.