Work Hard and Rest Well

CAN DO knows when to take a break…like I have for the last few weeks from The Can Do Chronicles marketing and this blog.  With Ned back in the job hunt, my grant writing work for the National Head Start Association and Girls Inc. of Dallas has become my primary focus. Because I work for myself, I don’t have paid time off and that becomes its own incentive. Staying healthy is my BIG priority. Even though I am in remission from leukemia, my immune system is not the strongest. I have the hardest time at the change of the seasons, like now, and have already had a couple of cough-y days.

So, my spare time has been dedicated to relaxing: watching movies, taking walks, playingcatnap with the dog, taking naps and reading.

Do I feel guilty?  A little bit!

Am I going to change what I am doing?  NO! 



I am going to let the ideas and plans for the next phase of CAN DO simmer and percolate while I relax and rejuvenate.

See you in my dreams!


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