Can Do Meets Ground Hog Day

Groundhog dayA number of people who have read The Can Do Chronicles have commented to me about my courage during the “tough times.” Here is a wake up call for a Monday Morning – tough times come back again and again like the alarm clock in the Bill Murray movie. Ned’s job was eliminated – again – effective this Friday. We are getting over the shock of it. We are grateful for the outpouring of support from friends. We know to do what we CAN DO: he is networking and I am working.

I offer this proposition for a Monday morning: I believe that a Can Do framework is sorely needed in the nonprofit sector, where there has been heavy and unending competition for shrinking dollars. Twice in Ned’s work in the last three and a half years, organizations have eliminated the Director of Development position because they cannot afford it. Understandable on some tactical levels – absurd on strategic levels. A fact of life in a sector, actually in a world, that has seen much short-sighted decision making that has kept this economy in the sad shape that it is in.

shutterstock_12173479At the core of CAN DO are three simple, yet powerful questions: 1) What CAN I DO? 2) If not that, what else CAN I DO? 3) Just because I CAN, DO I? They guide me every day, no matter how “tough” the time is. I believe that these three questions keep courage at my fingertips and can help change the world.

I hope you will use them today.

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