A New Can Do Perspective

coverToday I am celebrating the launch of The Can Do Chronicles.  It is available on amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FLS21US.  If you don’t have a Kindle, they have an app on the right of the page to get free software to read it on your computer, tablet or phone!

Now that the stresses of the actual publication and its many logistics are safely behind me, I have had time to reflect on how much I have learned in the last few weeks – about publishing, about waiting, about details, about marketing, but mostly about life.

On another side of my life – the DAY JOB side – the mood is not as festive, though the approach is pure CAN DO. One of my clients is the National Head Start Association. Because of the recent government cuts, called the sequester cuts, over 57,000 children will not be able to attend Head Start programs this school year. In addition, many jobs have been lost and hours have been cut to keep as many children and families involved with Head Start as possible, even with the reductions in funding. This week, with the government shut down, more even Head Start programs – and children – are at risk. In addressing these tough times, the Head Start community remains quite the CAN DO group…

On Wednesday, I attended the Rally to Stop the Cuts on the East Lawn of the U.S. Capitol. I was moved and renewed as I joined with the Head Start community at the rally because they all have genuine positive attitude and positive approach to life, its challenges and struggles.

2013-10-01 22.51.30The stories of parents and alumni are touching, powerful and quite motivating. A young woman named Victoria from near Seattle told the crowd her story with a shaking voice and a cracked nut clenched in her hand as her good luck charm. She had fled an abusive relationship and was six months pregnant and living in her car when Early Head Start found her. They supported her as she found temporary and then permanent housing, and as she gave birth and adjusted to being a mom.  Today, her two year old daughter who is attending Early Head Start is testing at 3 year old levels on cognitive and relational assessments. Victoria is getting ready to go back to school to finish college. She told the crowd that Head Start saved her life and by association, that of her daughter. Victoria is the second from the right in the picture.  She and her daughter will be in my prayers for weeks to come. Many more inspiring stories of Head Start alumni and parents are captured on NHSA’s 27 million windows website.

For the last few months, as I have been writing and deciding what I wanted to do with The Can Do Chronicles, my thoughts have been on me and my message, my life, my risks in putting it all out there.  In six minutes on Wednesday, I was humbled and reminded that The Can Do Chronicles is not about me.  It is my doorway to writing and sharing more stories of people who live CAN DO every day, in spite of much greater odds and risks than I will ever know.  I am grateful to have this opportunity.

Today is the Feast of St. Francis and World Smile Day.  I have also declared it National CAN DO Day, and ask everyone who reads this post to stop and say a prayer or offer your thoughts for the U.S. Congress to work together to reopen the government and move us all forward.

May it be a day of HOPE + GRATITUDE for each one of you.

Peace and all good things –


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